Breaking Free: The Key to Empowerment


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“You can pass your past without passing over your past.”  That is David Samuel Green’s concept of our capacity to deal with past hurt, pain, abuse, neglect and betrayal.  He builds his claim on the fact that we all have issues and time in and of itself does not heal; it is what one does during the passage of time to foster the healing process that makes the difference.  Therefore, ninety percent of your past, according to some experts, do not have to affect you in the present if you spend the time now to work through your issues.

 In Breaking Free, Green carefully unpacks how to break free from the shackles of the past by allowing you to understand yourself based on the issues that you faced so as to create a new self.  This new self is created through the power of the mind and taking hold of the spiritual dimension of life, resulting in you being empowered to face the future with courage by allowing God to take control over your life in order to fulfill your God-given purpose and potential.

“The subject of this book…is a timely one for the children of Jamaica…It is without reservation…that I recommend Breaking Free: The Key to Empowerment, Happiness and Fulfillment – A Caribbean Perspective to any who want to make a difference in the lives of children, youth, and eventually adults in the Jamaican society.  I am also confident the concepts and interventions contained in the book are transferable to other societies both within and beyond the Caribbean.”

                                                Kent D. Maxwell, D. Min.

                                                Former Director, Counselling Psychology Programme

                                               CaribbeanGraduateSchoolof Theology

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