Bush Doctor


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This book captures the folklore and almost forgotten remedies of Jamaica and the Caribbean in four sections: • Medicinal Plants • Beliefs and Myths • Diet and Folklore • Folk Ways and Means. Black and white photograph of the utensils and plants augment the text.


Sylvester Ayre was born in 1936 in the historic First Free village in Jamaica called  Sligoville, located in the high, cool hills of St. Catherine.

After graduating from Sligoville Elementary School, he became engaged with reading anything that was available, especially The Gleaner newspaper.

Over the years, Mr. Ayre developed a keen urge for self-expression through writing. Without an education above elementary level, he fought to develop the skill of writing professionally, but discovered that this was easier said than done. In his quest for the illusive art of self-expression, he encountered numerous mental blocks born of the absence of tutors.

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