Chasing the Banyan Wind

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In the mid 1920s an English family, Jonathan and Wilemina Gunn, and their two young children, Dunstan and Eliza emigrate to the Caribbean island of Jamaica.

With help from locals they build a home in a remote rural location on the island’s north coast. Previous perceptions of the island do not prepare them for the reality of the island’s diverse Englishspeaking population that includes Negroes, East Indians, Chinese, Jews, Europeans and Syrians.

This haunting saga exposes race relations, social class distinctions and alliances in a multi-ethnic society, that goes beyond the unforgiving landscape of war, turmoil, hardships and passions that proliferate even beyond Jamaica’s shores.

A sweeping historical novel that addresses World War II, and the involvement of the Commonwealth nations’ allegiance to the ‘Mother Country’ while taking us on an unforgettable journey that gives credence to the saying, that the more things change, the more they remain the same.



Bernadette Gabay Dyer was born in Kingston, Jamaica and now resides in Toronto, Canada. She is a member of the Writer’s Union of Canada, and Science Fiction Canada.

Bernadette is also the author of Villa Fair, a short story collection, Waltzes I Have Not Forgotten, an historical novel, and Abductors, a science fiction novel.

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