Dancehall Don


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Dancehall music. Reggae’s hardcore first cousin. Dominated by the prolific and controversial Lyric Minister for over a decade, a dominance not even a lengthy prison sentence can stop. Trystan Turner, born in Hungry Gully, a notorious, depraved garrison community, after experiencing enough trauma by age six that could have destroyed a much older person for life, catches a break when his motherlands a live-in domestic job uptown in the suburbs.

Book and street smart, he falls in love with dancehall music and discovers his
remarkable lyrical skill. He decides to pursue a career in music and has the
audacity to believe that he, a mere teenager, can not only make an impact but take over the cutthroat, ultra-competitive dancehall industry. With unwavering belief, the application of knowledge gained through books, and a calculated and strategic approach, he harnesses the power of social media and uses it to his full advantage. Trystan becomes 6lock, and with a carefully selected loyal team behind him, he takes on dancehall, causing a paradigm shift and a changing of the guard.

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