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In order to experience a premonition of whomsoever one’s future spouse will be, it is advised by folk ‘mystics’ of old, that the seeker should eat an extra large mouthful of salted codfish just before retiring to sleep, on any chosen night. The seeker, also, should not drink water after having eaten the salted codfish, despite the upsurge of thirst that is expected to come before he/she goes to sleep. During sleep, it is said, a dream will unfold. The dream will reveal a clear picture of one’s future spouse, most likely carrying a glassful of water.

But, should the form of no one appear in a dream, or should there be no relevant dream, it could mean that no Mr. Right or Miss Born-For-Me is yet lounging in the precincts of romance.


The author, Sylvester Ayre, now deceased, hailed from the hills of St. Catherine and Sligoville, the first Free Village.

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