Geography Workbook for 1st Form Revised Edition


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This workbook offers useful activities and information on topics that are usually covered at the Grade 7 level.  Both teachers and students will find it useful, because it provides practice in answering questions, reinforces key concepts and supports the acquisition of geographical skills.

 Topics covered include:

 ¨       The Definition and Branches of Geography

¨       Careers in Geography

¨       The Solar System

¨       Scales and Measuring Distances

¨       Direction

¨       Longitude and Latitude




Deroll Barrett is an innovative and trailblazing teacher who strongly believes in doing everything to ensure that students are high achievers. As a part of his personal mission to positively impact the education system, he designed a series of Geography workbooks that can potentially improve the teaching and learning of Geography in the Caribbean.

Mr. Barrett has been a trained teacher since 2005. He is a past student of The Mico University College and The University of the West Indies, where his areas of specialty History and Geography. Deroll wears many hats and apart from being a teacher he is also an author and entrepreneur.

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