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Jamaican Cooking has tantalizingly captured the tasted buds of the world by exciting the palates of the most renowned food connoisseurs as it blends the culture of the foods from India, Africa,China and the European arrivants of Spain and England, giving rise to such dishes as Dunkanoo, Mannish Water and Ackee and Saltfish.

The recent world recognition of Jamaican jerk cooking speaks to the creativity of Jamaican cooks, whose artistry lies in such recipes as Jerk Pork and Jerk Chicken.

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These new and revised editions commemorate the life of Master Chef ‘Sonny’ Henry, whose artistry in the kitchen was recognized by those who visited Saffrons in St. Petersburg, Florida and before that, the “Old Homestead” Steak House and Mike’s Nyamburghers in Jamaica.
With his passing, Sonny’s role has been adopted by his sister-in-law Dawn Henry who adds the modern spice of good down home Caribbean Cooking.
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