Snow Job


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The cocaine trade leaves a trail of blood from Columbia to Jamaica…Dave Stuart, the hard drinking, womanizing ad executive who survived the turbulent 70’s in Jamaica, finds himself involved with the cocaine kings of South America as they spread their empire into the Caribbean. As a sequel to his successful encounter with the marijuana smuggling barons behind him (Jamaica Triangle), Dave has risen to the challenge to outwit and face his newest challenge. An exciting addition to the Donal Black Trilogy.



Donal James Black was born on June 9, 1924 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and grew up in Scotland and England. He was educated at King’s College and Edinburgh University, and was an RAF pilot for five years.

He lived in Jamaica from 1959-1978 and while there he wrote radio and TV commercials, press ads, radio plays, and newspaper and magazine articles and stories. Among other publications, he wrote for the Miami Herald, and specialized in travel articles.

Now deceased, he is survived by wife Jennifer (nee Fox, from Jamaica), their son Roderick and daughter Isobel. There are also four older children, Hugh, Stuart, Ian and Leslie Anne, who live in Canada.

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