An Advanced Students’ Guide to Edward Baugh’s Poetry


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This text is the result of the author’s zeal to foray a path for the extensive study of Edward Baugh’s poetry, especially for the advanced student. This project also seeks to foreground in the intellects of an emerging generation of students, the indispensable work of Baugh, in the development of Caribbean literary perspectives, and in so doing expose them to Baugh’s poetry as an appreciable branch of his literary contribution. This guide will also be marginally useful to exceptional students at a lower academic level. Due to its ample thematic foci, it is anticipated that interests, other than purely literary, will be emboldened in the quest to reap from the legacy of Baugh’s work, overall.

It has been observed that many of our students are afraid of poetic analyses, and that prose and drama are more affably contemplated. Yet, poetry being a reservoir for culture (contemporary and historical), is a legitimate vehicle for the journey toward personal and collective consciousness, and holds a wealth of information which supports historical research. It is also a vital resource for communicative development, especially for honing critical reading, thinking and writing in students. It is with these things in mind that this advanced students’ [study] guide has been prepared.

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