Geography Workbook for 2nd Form Revised Edition


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This workbook was designed to provide useful activities for students at the Grade 8 level. It contains a number of easy to use worksheets that will help students to reinforce what they know. It can also serve as an excellent way of assessing students’ acquisition of key concepts and skills.

 Topics covered include:

 ¨      Rotation and Revolution of the Earth

¨       The Caribbean

¨       Weather and Climate

¨       Grid Reference

¨       Angular Bearing

¨       Gradient


Deroll Barrett is an innovative and trailblazing teacher who strongly believes in doing everything to ensure that students are high achievers. As a part of his personal mission to positively impact the education system, he designed a series of Geography workbooks that can potentially improve the teaching and learning of Geography in the Caribbean.

Mr. Barrett has been a trained teacher since 2005. He is a past student of The Mico University College and The University of the West Indies, where his areas of specialty History and Geography. Deroll wears many hats and apart from being a teacher he is also an author and entrepreneur.

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