Inner City Girl 2: Other Rivers to Cross


Pages: 266
Format: Paperback


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In everyone’s mind Martina is all set for university and why not. She is fully qualified and her father has taken full responsibility for Yvette, Miss Turner and herself. Not in a million years would anyone have thought that her life would have taken such a sudden slump which caused her to return to the inner city in disgrace.


This is just the beginning of sorrows because ‘fatherless’ and jobless she is plunged into an eddy of challenges and the murky waters seek to drown her and wash away her

dreams. She fights back, selling bag juice on the streets of Kingston and working as a helper amidst worrying about Yvette and her father’s disappearance. Then she is locked up for committing a crime she knows nothing about, but her resilience steps in and she is exonerated in time to rise to her crowning triumph.

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