The Village Crook and Other Stories


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The Village Crook and Other Stories is a humourous and charming collection of short stories that highlights the traditions and idiosyncrasies of people from rural Jamaica. From Maas Fawni’s trickery to Dudley the Lunatic’s antics, you will be grinning from ear to ear or dying with laughter one minute, and shaking your head in disbelief the next, as you move from story to story.  A must read for those who appreciate good literature reminiscent of ‘old time Jamaica’.


Patricia Whittle is a librarian and teacher of English Literature. She was educated at York Castle High School, Mico Tearchers’ College and The University of the West Indies. Patricia wrote plays and poems for the National Festival of Arts in Jamaica, and won several awards in the Drama and Speech competition. She has also won awards in the National Literary Festival of Arts competition for her work in Poetry, Drama and Prose.

She has previously published three books:

  1. Mi Waan Fi Publish A Book: An anthology of Jamaican Dialect Poems
  2. Johnny, Mass Tom and The Fatal Error: Three Short Plays for the Jamaican Audience and Plays
  3. Skits for Church Functions: A Collection of Short Plays and Skits
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