Evoluting Sherman


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The Cayman Island: white sand, blue sea, warm sun, offshore money and 50 million in stolen jewels that nobody really wants found. Nobody, that is, but Chris Sherman because his life depends on it.

 “There are people, and I know this intimately now, who live lives beyond the sort of usual social mediocrity. People for whom the laws of the land, of nature, of God and of gravity just don’t seem to exist. And me? Well at least I’m not bored anymore, baby; bleeding as I am from cuts on my face and hands…”

 Aided by local detective Dalbert Hannah and beautiful associate Rebecca Starr, Chris Sherman, a low level insurance investigator, inexpertly navigates the turbulent waters of the Cayman Islands in a game of cat and mouse with the treacherous Ava Courie and her murderous son, Karl, while each searches for 50 million dollars worth of stolen jewellery

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