For Her Son


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Juline feels that she has achieved the ultimate – marriage to Bernard Hemmings. He is tall, brown and handsome, and has curly hair. He lives on the hills and has a massive house surrounded by lush greenery. Juline is now rubbing shoulders with the Jones’. She has dreamt of such a conquest for some time and her aspiration has materialized! Away with the dark skin father of her first son, he is now a reminder of her sad mistake.

Bernard Junior enters the world and Juline swears to put him above everything and everyone else, including her first son, Jared. He is the precious son born in wedlock and Bernard’s only son. No one should usurp Bernard Junior. She becomes obsessed with Bernard Junior, defending him even when he is wrong. Blame should never be placed on her beautiful son. It must be someone else who causes him to do wrong, or Jared was not being a responsible bigger brother. His three sisters from other relationships are intruders who must be dealt with and so is anyone who stands in his way. Who dares to oppose Bernard Junior and to what end?


Colleen Smith-Dennis was born in the parish of St. Elizabeth. Currently, she is a teacher of English at a high School in St. Andrew. For Her Son is her second novel. Her first, Inner City Girl, was nominated for the 2011 IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.

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