Jamaican Witchcraft


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“… Obeah has power over ghosts. It has the ability to change them into all manner of creatures…which may then be sent to torment and harm the living.” Jamaican Witchcraft: The Reluctant Obeah Man and Other Stories is a collection of stories centred on the practise of obeah. Obeah is said to be the use of spells, rituals and amulets, which when used correctly can not only bring forth numerous misfortunes but even death. However, some of these stories reveal that these ‘unexplainable’ incidents can be explained with simple common sense. It therefore holds true that ‘belief kills and belief cures’.

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David Brailsford was born in Nottingham, England in 1930.  Qualifying as a Psychiatric Nurse in 1955, he progressed through his profession to become a Senior Nursing Officer.  He developed a Staff In-House Training Department and worked with clients as a registered Dramatherapist.  Now retired, he spends most of his time writing tales about Jamaican history, folklore and fantasy.

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