Old Iron Blue and Mighty Dread


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Elkanah Rhule has been an Author for many years. He has written in two categories; realistics fictions and Anancy stories. His books have been enjoyed by people of all ages. They include Man From Jamaica’s Hills (1996), Come Back Old Iron Blue (2000) and King Mirodas Of Boar Piece (2003).

Educators find them so attractive to young readers, that they are included in reading programmes of many schools.

Elkanah Rhule is a graduate of the Caledonia Junior College, Mico Teachers’s College and the University of the West Indies. He spent most of his working years as a school principal in rural Jamaica.

Having unearthed more stories of Old Iron Blue and his rustic mannerism, the Author has presented them to his readers. Life as existed towrds the middle of the last century has been deliberately reflected on the pages of this book.

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