Legitimate Resistance


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This novel gives us a rare and exciting glimpse into the organized runnings of the underwood of the Jamaican Diaspora: The drug and gun tades, extortion rackets and their political connections.

Susan Adjerlolo, a lovely girl from the country, goes to Kingston city to follow her dreams of becoming a singer. She meets and falls in love with Silver, a gangster turned revolutionary.  Love carries Susan through countless dangers and romantic adventures as Jamaica prepares to meet the revolutionary wrath of the oppressed. Legitimate resistance runs wild through the streets and inner cities of Kingston to the fast lanes of New York City and into the suburbs of London.

With beautifulJamaicaas the backdrop, and pulsating reggae music as the heartbeat, a generation searches for truth, justice and redemption.



Errol McDonald was born in St. Mary, Jamaica in 1959. A poet, songwriter and musician he divides his time between residing in Tanzania with his wife and family, and fulfilling his musical obligations internationally. A band member with the reggae group Chakula, he generally records music at night and writes in the days. He attended Jamaica College (JC) in Kingston and Stonybrook University in New York.

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